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What is We Made the Change?
July 2017

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An Innovative Approach
To Sustainable Change

WE MADE THE CHANGE (WMC) was created to help both reverse the consequences of yes-
teryear's actions that are now threatening world peace, endangering wildlife, and destroying
the health of our planet, as well as ultimately tip the scales of humanity in favor of mutual

We intend to achieve this by actively
seeking, supporting, and nurturing tomorrow's
change-makers – today.

Inspiration and Support

Many of the world's largest charities and social organizations were founded or conceptualized
by youth who were able to find the inspiration and support to follow through with their
dreams. WMC is an all-inclusive resource for the next generation of social leaders who may
otherwise end up falling through society's cracks and not fulfill their potential.

Our near-term project pipeline includes
the following programs:


Starting with a simple celebration of those who have made a difference in the world, WMC is a growing source of inspiration for youth who have the heart to make a change, or are on the cusp of taking action.

By sharing stories of like-minded youth and famous change-makers, we hope to encourage and energize curious future leaders.

We are on track to accept story submissions from more than 80,000 public schools and organizations from at least 11 countries by the end of Q1 2018.



WMC is sponsoring children who cannot afford to attend school and have no option but to live or beg on the streets. These children truly understand the challenges that poverty brings. We intend to improve the quality of life of their communities by fostering those who are inclined to become community leaders of the future.


Institute of Higher Learning and Humanities

2019 will see the introductory class open for our first school dedicated to advanced education, with a focus on learning the humanities and social leadership. Qualified children will enroll at this Ivy League school at a young age and remain there, fully sponsored, throughout their post-secondary studies.


Participation Is Easy.

The most effective way anyone can contribute to WMC at the moment also happens to be the easiest!

Your social media shares, likes, emails, phone calls, personal referrals, and anything else you can do to help spread the word will be invaluable to the success of WMC for 2017.

Parents, teachers, and other authority figures will be more likely to tell the story of a child's good deed if they hear about WMC from multiple sources and peers. Likewise, a child is more likely to take action if they are encouraged by many different people as well.

We are the ones who build the tools and programs. But now we need you to help us let the kids know they are available, and encourage them to take action.