A Celebration Of Those Who Have Made a Positive Change In The World


We Made the Change - Girl watching the worldWe Made the Change (WMC) is an organization created to inspire and nurture today’s youth who desire to become tomorrow’s change leaders.

Many of the world’s largest and most successful charities and social organizations were the brainchild of exceptional youth of yesteryear. By providing a full range of supportive services, WMC intends to be a significant influence contributing to an exponentially growing pool of future changemakers; who will develop their own organizations that create peace, further humanity, protect wildlife and the environment alike.











We begin this adventure this year by creating a huge database of stories about youth from around the world, who have taken it upon themselves to make a difference. From kids who are passionate about helping their local community to kids who have started small with an idea and have turned that passion into registered organizations. We will begin gathering stories this October, starting with all schools, faith centers, youth organizations and social clubs across North America.

Street 2 School is a program created in response to a growing need of children who spend their days begging on the streets for money to help their families, instead of going to school. Many of these children cannot afford to go to school, and struggle day by day just to find their next meal. This cycle continues and grows with each generation as families have more children than they can financially take care of.

The best tool these children could have to help their families and communities in the future, is a complete education. WMC is organizing local staff and partnering with organization to help facilitate the basic needs of these children so they may attend school each year and become a positive influence within their communities.



Institute of Higher Learning and Humanities


Taking the educational and daily support needs of desolate children a step further, WMC is working toward it’s first permanent boarding school in the Philippines. Although this school will be open to anyone who meets the criteria suitable to earn a scholarship, it will primarily focus on those who require a greater level of support. Orphans, children who have homes but cannot afford to attend school, etc.

One half of their day will be spent on a condensed version of standard curriculum at both a local and international standard, while the other half will be spent on learning about leadership and issues that affect the world.

While we intend to move forward with our efforts in the Philippines, we are also looking towards possible partnership with established organizations to share resources and infrastructure. Specifically, we are preparing for dialogue with a large network of churches in Kenya and orphanages in Bangladesh or India.

This school initiative is WMC’s flagship service, we become more and more excited with each new connection made and barrier passed. Each country comes with it’s legal challenges. We are currently working through those in the Philippines and look forward to commencing a pilot project late 2019.